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African Ankara Dressing: Everything You Should Know

The name "Ankara" dates back to when the Turks created cheaper kinds of fabric. Because of this, the fabric was then viewed as indigenous and lacked glamour. However, nowadays, its uniqueness says more about its beauty and culture, allowing people to be more interested in its pattern as the fabric has turned into art.

Ankara prints are actually one hundred per cent cotton fabric infused with vibrant patterns and designs. These designs are often associated with Africa due to their tribal-like themes and designs. However, Africans didn't claim the companies manufacturing these materials when these materials were manufactured.

If you're interested in African printed dresses, it pays to know the history of the material to better understand their purpose. If you want a quick guide to Ankara print clothing, keep reading.

What is the History of African Ankara?

The Ankara print is actually a kind of one hundred per cent cotton fabric, much like the dress fabric. While recently manufactured, it is important to note that the Ankara print dress is really hundreds of years old. While it was popularised in the latter part of the twentieth century, its origins date back to when the first Europeans came to Africa.

To begin with, African Ankara Dresses emerged as a result of the fabric being popularised as one of the cheaper materials for clothing and accessories. In fact, people in Ankara are blind to the fact that the appearance of the Ankara fabric is associated with the material's origins in Africa. This can be attributed to the fact that the Ankara fabric is an African print design that is an extension of African colours and vibrancy.

What are the Different Facts About Ankara Fabric?

Fact #1: The Dutch Originally Manufactured Ankara Fabric

The Dutch are the ones who introduced the Ankara fabric to the market. Although in a different form and of a different name, the material did originate from the original Ankara fabric.

Fact #2: The Fabric is Extremely Versatile

The Ankara fabric is as versatile as it is creative. Because of this, you can use the material for a variety of clothing and accessories. You can use the fabric to create bags, skirts, tops, Ankara dresses, and even jewellery. You can make the most out of the fabric by using it to create accessories, caps, and even men's clothing.

Fact #3: Ankara Fabric Uses Indonesian wax-oppose dyeing procedure called Batik

The Ankara fabric uses the Batik dyeing procedure, which is commonly used to create African handmade cloth. This process is the same procedure used to create an Indonesian wax-oppose dyeing procedure called Batik.

The Bottom Line: It's Best to Buy Premium Ankara Dresses and Clothing

Since the Ankara fabric is a kind of fabric that is one hundred per cent cotton, there are a variety of ways to turn the Ankara fabric into clothing. However, there are no ways to guarantee that the fabric you're buying is authentic and quality. To begin with, the best way to ensure you're getting quality Ankara fabric is to buy the premium material. This is because the premium material will be well-made and have vibrant colours.

How Can We Help You?

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We are a team of tailors, designers and manufacturers that work with African clothing on a daily basis. We can help you find the best fabrics and styles for your African clothing. Check out our selection today!

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