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About Us

Welcome to Nkịtị, the epitome of casual sophistication, where African prints take center stage in your everyday wardrobe. Our mission is simple yet profound – we want to make African print clothing an integral part of your daily style, effortlessly blending tradition with modernity.
We take pride in creating a collection that ranges from bomber jackets and dresses to comfortable loungewear and stylish accessories. Each piece blends traditional African motifs with modern silhouettes, effortlessly elevating any wardrobe with a touch of cultural flair.

What does nkịtị mean?

The word nkịtị originates from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and means "normal" or "ordinary". It captures the essence of our brand - to make African print and everyday thing for all of life's event. You can read more about the naming of our brand here.
nkiti logo phonetic spelling and origin
This idea came to us around the time we were getting married in August 2018. We were looking for casual ready-made African clothing for our bridal party but couldn't find anything "simple". We realised that most of our African clothes were custom-made occasion wear; usually dramatic and quite expensive, especially in the diaspora.
Fast-forward a few months later, we thought we'd actually do something about this and create our own designs.
And so, Nkịtị was born - 'to make African print an everyday thing'

 Meet the founders

Ezinne, The Dreamer
I'm the 'idea' person and the visionary; in charge of product design, branding as well as our social media presence.
Martin, The Practicalist
I'm responsible for the practicalities of the business - converting her ideas into reality. So, thats the really fun stuff like finances and operations to ensure we can get our products to you at a sensible price as quickly as possible.