nkiti logo phonetic spelling and origin

The word 'nkịtị' originates from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and means “normal” or “ordinary”. 


What do we do?

We are a UK based clothing designer that specialise in designing casual African wear.

Our vision is to create modern, high quality clothing that pays homage to our rich African ancestry. We do this by incorporating African prints, African languages and the bright colours that are characteristic of our culture into our designs.

Our clothing represents a fusion of western and African clothing which can be attributed to growing up as third culture kids (TCK). Our aim is to create clothes that inspire Africans in the diaspora (as well as in the continent) to proudly own and celebrate our culture in their everyday clothing whilst also being on trend and fashion forward.

Why did we start Nkiti?

The idea came to us around the time we were getting married in August 2018. We were looking for casual ready-made African clothing for our bridal party but couldn't find anything "simple". We realised that most of our African clothes were custom-made occasion wear; usually dramatic and quite expensive, especially in the diaspora.

Fast-forward a few months later, we thought we'd actually do something about this and create our own designs.
And so, Nkiti was born - 'to create modern basics and casual wear with a touch of African print'

If you want to know more about how we named our business. Read this!

Where are we now?

Since we launched in August 2019, Team Nkiti has grown from a husband and wife duo to a team of 4, including Peace and Amy. It's been an exciting journey so far! 

We are a small black-owned business that remains committed to designing quality African print clothes.


meet the team ezinne nkiti bomber jacket

The Dreamer

I'm the 'idea' person and the visionary; in charge of product design and branding.

meet the team martin nkiti kente shirt

The Practicalist

I'm responsible for the really fun stuff like finances and operations to ensure we can get our products to you at a sensible price as quickly as possible.

meet the team amy nkiti kente shirt

The Creative

I’m the aesthetics person so I get to do the actual fun part; taking photos, styling and setting the tone for our Instagram page.

meet the team peace nkiti kente shirt

The Analyst

I'm the one who asks "how can we make this better?". I specialise in UX and SEO to make sure the website is vibrant, functional and easy to use.


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