Nkiti African Print in Fashion

African Prints in Fashion

Despite the cross-continental history and journey that brought us what we now refer to as Ankara, these African prints are central to Nigerian— as...

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Beef and chicken nigerian suya

My Top 5 Nigerian Recipes

Nigeria is home to a wide range of cuisine. From the classic soup and pounded yam combination to simpler dishes like plantain. Read on to find out ...

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nkiti reversible bomber jacket da baby dance

Nkiti's first anniversary!

This month is a very special month as it marks Nkiti’s 1 year anniversary, we’re beyond excited! Before the celebrations begin, we thought we’d tak...

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nkiti logo moodboard designs

What's in a name?

A story of how our business got its name: nkịtị What's the first thing you do when starting a business? Choose a name? Design a cool logo? Calculat...

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