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Making Ankara clothing an everyday thing, for everyone

Whether you're black or not, we invite everyone to wear the African clothing designs we’ve created. Whether you're dressing for fashion week or loose fitting casual wear, our African clothing store is an appreciation of our African heritage, a new take on African fashion and an access point for non-Africans who also want to celebrate African culture.

Founded by a Husband and Wife duo

Proud to be Black-owned

The word 'nkịtị' originates from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and means “normal” or “ordinary”. 

Founded by a husband and wife duo, our traditional african clothing business; nkịtị blends African print and basics into unique designs that can be added to your daily rotation.

Our mission is to make ankara designs accessible to all.

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Black Couple wearing African print shirt and crop top

Abụọ collection

Abụọ is the Igbo word for two, which can also mean pair. This collection features two stunning co-ord sets with matching African print.

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Ọchị Collection

Ọchị is the Igbo word for laughter.

This collection was inspired by the concepts of rebirth and growth.

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ỌCHỊ Collection

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