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African print winter collection

African Print Winter Collection

Oyi means ‘cold’ / ‘winter’ in the Igbo Nigerian language and we named our collection this because the collection is all about African print items that you can stay warm in.

This collection features padded African print jackets, reversible ankara bomber jackets as well as hoodies and jumpers - there is plenty of choice to wrap up in.

Unisex african print clothing bomber jackets

The bomber jacket itself is a modern piece adapted from the jackets pilots wore in World War 2 - characterised by the cut waist shape, ribbed cuffs & trims and in some cases a collar.

Over the last few decades, the fashion industry has displayed many variations of the bomber jacket, not for pilots necessarily, but as a fashion statement and for a certain cool/ refreshing look. What started as a fashion trend is now a style staple and so it was only natural for us to adopt this and give it an African print twist.

The captivating ankara exterior is sure to grab people’s attention, the modern cut of our African Print bomber jackets are sure to peak interest and leave people wondering why our bomber jackets look so amazing.

It’s not a question of if you should buy our African print bomber jackets… it’s a question of how could you not?!

We’ve included so many amazing details on our bomber jackets. MA1 style pockets, polyester padding for warmth as well as reversible prints for a 2-in-1 style jacket to really get the best value for your money.

We didn’t skimp on the hoodies and jumpers either. Featuring details such as hidden pockets for a smoother silhouette as well as metal drawstring tips and drawstring holes for enhanced durability. These are the touches that ensure your Nkiti purchase will stand the test of time.

Our hoodies are perfect for layering up with other jackets in your wardrobe or as a standalone for your evening dash to the shops.

Feel free to browse the Oyi African Print collection!

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