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A Guide: 4 Tips on How to Accessorise African Clothing

Ankara prints are created using a printing style with wax and fabric. The dyeing process is completed when the wax is removed, leaving lively prints infused with lines and shapes behind. This unique way of creating patterns was made famous by African wear, also known as afro-centric fashion. 

Ankara clothing has recently gained popularity, with many people worldwide wearing it. The elegant patterns created by this unique kind of printing bring interest to any outfit and can be a fun way to depict your personality and creativity in fashion choices. 

No matter what kind of Ankara print you choose, you can always make it look great and show off your style when matching it up with accessories. 

This guide will give you some tips on how to accessorise in a way that complements your outfit, not making it overly layered and can be perfect for any occasion!

1. Kimono-Style Jacket with an Ethnic Necklace for Casual Days

Add a bit of classy flair to an African print outfit by wearing a kimono-style jacket with an ethnic necklace. A kimono-style jacket goes well with a pair of African print tops or dresses with jeans and a plain black cami on casual days. 

A kimono-style jacket is also perfect to pair with boot-cut or slim-style jeans perfect to match a pointed-toe, patent leather pump with decorative stitching. Wear woven sandals if you want to dress your look down and skip the high heels.

2. Triangle African Print with Triangular Necklace for a Feminine Look 

Wear a necklace that matches your top. If you have triangular shapes on your African print blouse, pair it with a necklace with triangular shapes. Then incorporate the same colours too. 

A perfect top to match a triangular print and necklace is a puffed-sleeve crop top paired with white skinny jeans that will create a flirty look. 

If you prefer to show a bit of skin, an off-the-shoulder top will also do the trick, making you look sexy but polished. Adding bell-bottomed jeans with wide flair and a high waist cut can also add more drama to your outfit. 

3. African-Inspired Print on a White A-Line Dress with Chandelier Earrings

If you are attending a formal event, you can opt to wear an A-line dress with an African-inspired print on a white background. Select a dress with a bow in the front for a sweet, slightly posh look. 

Wear nude or brown shoes with ankle straps, and complement your look with chandelier earrings with a silver or gold tone, pendants and studs that bring out the colours in your dress. 

4. Long African Print Dress with an Open Split and Some Ruffles 

When wearing a long African print dress with an open split and some ruffles, it is best to pair it with black strappy heels or one that comes with embellishments. 

Wear a pair of earrings that match the colour of your dress to focus attention on your elaborately done makeup. Bring a clutch or top handle bag to carry your items throughout the night.

Add Flair to Your Outfit with Accessories

African prints are often filled with beautiful geometric shapes. You can add various accessories discussed in this article to complement these designs. Remember these valuable tips the next time you need accessory inspiration for your African print outfits!

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