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The Top African Fashion Styles That You Must Try - Part 1

People are enthusiastic about foreign fashion trends nowadays. They would often buy clothes imported from some of today's fashion capitals, including Paris, London, and New York. That being said, they seem to be missing out on the African fashion styles that are also making the waves nowadays.

If you haven't heard of them before and you are curious to know what these top African fashion styles are, look no further than our examples below.

1. Ankara Fashion

Ankara fashion is a style born out of its predecessor, the Ankara print. This top African fashion style is a cloth that utilises the Ankara print in its design.

The Yoruba culture inspires the design of this cloth in Nigeria. To be more specific, it was inspired by the colourful beadwork of the Yoruba women. It has been used for decades in the traditional designs of Nigerian women, like the rich brides and dancers that you can see at festivals and ceremonies.

The style is considered a mixture of Nigerian fashion styles that have been integrated. Some of these styles include the boubou and the native costume.

It is also a grand style that politicians and government officials often wear in Nigeria.

2. Dashiki Dress

The Dashiki dress is one of the top African fashion styles that you should know about. This is a formal shirt that men in West Africa traditionally wear.

At the same time, it is also worn by women in the same region as a top. However, it is not to be worn in the same manner as a men's dashiki. It is rather worn as a casual top with jeans like African women often do.

It is a long shirt that is made from plain fabric. There is no embroidery of any kind. Instead, the Nigerian lace is added to its collar. The African dashiki dress is tied with a belt in the middle to finish the whole design.

3. Aso Oke Fabric

Aso Oke is another of the top African fashion styles. It is a fabric made out of cotton yarn, and it is one of the most popular fabrics in Nigeria.

The fabric is often used to make some of the traditional garments seen in the region. However, it is also widely used in making some fashionable outfits used by the elders and the modern people in the same region.

It is a plain fabric that is made from cotton. It is popular mainly because it is affordable to acquire.

4. Kente Cloth

The Kente cloth is one of the top African fashion styles that you should know about. It is a fabric made of cotton and is often used in traditional Ghanaian wear.

It is handwoven and often termed the "cloth of kings" because of its intricate design. It is also often used in some Nigerian wedding dresses.

The material is a symbol of royalty, and it is used to make the flag of Ghana, too. The Akan tribe inspires the design of the fabric in the region. Its design is made up of bright colours and patterns often seen in the traditional wear of Ghana.

5. Ardra

The next top African fashion style that you must try is the Ardra. It is the fashion trend inspired by women's traditional dress in Ethiopia.

The design of the Ardra is made of a two-piece outfit. It is made from a long dress worn with a dark-coloured shawl around the waist.

The women often wear the outfit in the region to cover their bodies when they are in church.

There you have it: the top African fashion styles that you must try. These top trends are popular partly because they have been around for a long time. They are also made from local materials, making them much more affordable to buy.

These fabrics may not be as luxurious and expensive as those imported from the fashion capitals. They are, however, just as beautiful, thanks to their intricate designs.

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