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The Top 3 African Style Accessories for You to Try Today

Accessories can be a game-changer to what you wear. Whether used as an embellishment to highlight your outfit or as the centrepiece of your attire, accessories will help you look put-together.

One popular accessory style that has gotten attention lately are African-style accessories. Due to the bold but elegant nature these accessories possess, they work well with any type of outfit.

However, because there are so many different African accessories, it may be hard to choose the right one. In this article, we will talk about the top African accessories and how to wear them.

1. African Style Headwraps

Headwraps are versatile pieces of clothing. Aside from using it on your head, you can drape it around your shoulders, use it as a neck scarf or even as a belt.

African headwraps are very colourful and made from different materials for your own comfort. They can have different patterns that will work with plain clothes or a fancy outfit for a night out. Try to choose a pattern that will match your outfit. For example, if you wear a patterned skirt, go for a pattern similar to the skirt.

We have also mentioned above that headwraps are versatile. Aside from many ways to wear it over your body, there are many unique ways to tie it. You can completely cover your head with it or just the sides—making it perfect for a bad hair day.

2. African Hair Scrunchies

Headwraps are not the only African accessories you can wear on your head. Another African accessory known for its beauty are hair scrunchies. These scrunchies are designed with patterns meant to add a final highlight to your outfit.

Not only will they lavishly style your attire, but they allow you to put your hair up in a different fashion, too. You can go for a bun, ponytail or even braids—whatever you feel like doing. Then just top it off with these colourful scrunchies, and you should be good to go.

If you decide to keep your hair down, you can wear these scrunchies around your wrist instead. Using this chunky accessory as your bracelet instead would be a good and unique alternative.

3. African Bead Necklaces

On the topic of chunk accessories, African bead necklaces are the best chunky accessories out there! With their big beads and bright colours, these necklaces are something everyone should start wearing.

The necklaces can be as small as just being a single strand of beads to having patterns in them. The colours vary, but they are normally bright and solid colours like reds, yellows, and greens. These are fun accessories that you can wear regardless of the occasion and theme of the event.

The best part about these necklaces is that they can easily steal the show. Because of how gorgeous they are, people will be looking at you the entire time. Any simple outfit can be jazzed up with any African bead necklace of your choice.

African style accessories are diverse and can come in different forms. However, they are often bold and extravagant, which could scare people away from using them. Yet, the best part of these accessories is that they can actually blend right in with any type of outfit. You just need to learn to style them and pick the right ones for you to wear.

African clothing is the trend nowadays! We at Nkiti African Clothing can provide you with high-quality products for your fashion needs. Shop with us today and get into the trend!

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