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The Use of Ankara Fabric and Prints in Fashion Trends

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. That's why it's important to be aware of the different trends to stay relevant in the fashion scene. And one fashion trend that we're excited to see is the use of Ankara fabric and prints in contemporary designs.

What Is Ankara Fabric?

Ankara fabric is a textile made in the capital city of Nigeria, which is also called "Ankara". The exterior of Ankara fabric is made with a mixture of wax and resin, and its interior is usually a mixture of cotton and linen. Its durability, affordability and comfort make it one of the most attractive fabrics in Africa.

Ankara fabric has a unique and bold pattern design which is one of the reasons why it is constantly used in African print and fashion. And it's not surprising why Ankara fabric is popular in Africa and among Africans.

Ankara fabric is a part of African tradition and culture. It is one of the ways in which African traditions are being upheld and kept alive. Because of its connection to the African continent, it is no wonder why Ankara fabric has become so popular in Africa and around the world.

Why Are Ankara Prints Gaining Popularity?

Since Ankara fabric is a traditional fabric in Nigeria, it's widely used in the Nigerian fashion industry. And today, it's gaining popularity in the West.

It's not really a surprise why people have a strong desire to wear Ankara fabric and prints. For example, the durability and affordability of the fabric make it an ideal choice for designers. It's also ideal for people who are looking to stay stylish on a budget.

Ankara fabric is also a great choice for fashionistas who like to express their African pride. And it's no secret that African fashion is becoming a popular trend. Therefore, the use of Ankara fabric and prints in African prints will show how proud you are of your African heritage.

Furthermore, Ankara fabric and prints are versatile and can be used for both formal and casual occasions.

What Have Designers Done with Ankara Fabric and Prints?

Ankara fabric and prints provide a great opportunity for fashion designers to experiment with different colour combinations. And some of them have already made use of Ankara fabric and prints for their designs.

For instance, popular fashion designer, Duro Olowu, used Ankara to create an African print top for his Spring 2015 collection. Another popular fashion designer, J.W. Anderson, created a similar collection for his Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

The use of Ankara fabric and prints can also be seen in other contemporary fashion designs. For example, Celine used Ankara fabric and prints for its Spring 2015 collection.

While we expect to see more designs with Ankara fabric and prints for the upcoming seasons, we also expect more African designers to use Ankara fabric and prints in their designs.

Final Thoughts

Ankara fabric and prints have become a big hit in the world of fashion. And it's no surprise why it has become so popular. It's versatile, durable and affordable. Plus, it holds so much African pride. And that's why more fashion designers are using Ankara fabric and prints in their designs.

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