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Do Your Clothes Tell Something about Your Personality

Clothing is not just a simple piece of fabric covering our bodies; it helps shape who we are. It is impossible to deny that clothing describes one’s personality and taste. Why are there so many varieties, types, textures, colours, and clothing patterns? Each individual has a different aesthetic sense, and everyone has the right to choose how they express themselves. 

Pieces of Clothing and Their Meaning on Your Personality

People always wonder about the personality of others. One way is through their clothing choices.

In this article, we reveal what your clothes tell about your personality.

Casual T-shirts

If you wear t-shirts, you are relaxed about life. You prioritise doing things over being looked at and are not overly concerned with what other people think of you.  

Your simplicity even allows you to get a simple top, without any hassle and just feeling stress-free. As a result, it lets you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you enjoy living.

High-End Fabrics

Some people are image-conscious and wear high-end clothes because it makes others view them favourably and gives them a sense of class. They like to tell others how much their clothes cost and want or show off. While it might sound snobbish, being with your own tribe can make you feel more accepted and “in” with the culture.

Loose Clothing

Loose clothes are comfortable and breathable, which makes them popular among liberal thinkers and people who value comfort over conservatism. Loose clothing is not dull; plenty of fashion options take advantage of flowing fabrics. 

Neon Clothing

People who wear bright and fluorescent clothes usually stand out from their crowds and attract attention. They want to be in the centre of the spotlight. These people are very positive and are comfortable getting lots of attention.

Suits or Coats

Wearing a suit or coat daily can be more than a hassle unless you’re headed to work. Formal wear is typically reserved for folks with a certain air of sophistication and style. They give more attention to the details of their clothing and feel more confident in their look. It's also the case that the clothes themselves tend to help the wearer feel more confident.

Tight Clothing

If you wear tight-fitting outfits, like skinny joggers, you are more likely to be conservative and overthink your decisions. You tend to fit into the norms of society, and you don’t have new perspectives or try to change anything around you. You don’t allow yourself to explore a wide range of opportunities. 

Abstract Printed Clothing

You are bold and willing to speak your mind. This can be seen in your choice to wear abstract printed outfits. You are imaginative and curious, always looking to explore new ideas.

Black and Gray Outfits

Wearing black and grey does not mean you are boring. These colours help to present a classic, refined personality. Although black and grey are safe choices, the colour scheme projects a well-groomed and mannered appearance to other people.


Essential hoodies are a go-to outfit for most teenagers. They hide their flaws and make them appear mysterious. By wearing a colourful or patterned shirt under your hoodie, you can express your personality.

Wear Your Personality Confidently!

Most people figure out what type of clothing suits them best after they try out different looks and styles. We want to look our best at all times, whether it's a job interview, a date, or a funeral. We don't wish to be caught off guard because we're wearing something that doesn't work for us. That's why it is totally fine to be picky and more selective of what we wear.

To get stylish and more diverse outfits, check Nkiti African Clothing. If you're looking for pieces made by an African Clothing Designer in UK , browse through our collection of modern, high quality clothing that pays homage to our rich African ancestry today!

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