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Materials to Use When Sewing With Ankara Fabric

Materials to Use When Sewing With Ankara Fabric

Ankara fabric can be made from cotton, linen, and polyester. The fabric is named after Ankara, the capital of Turkey, but the fabric is not made in Ankara. It is hard to say if the fabric was named after Ankara or if Ankara was named after the fabric. It does not matter; what matters is that the fabric has beautiful vibrant colours that are ideal for home sewing projects.

Interested in knowing more about this fabric and the different ways in which it can be used? Read on. In this article, I’ll be showing you some easy ways to sew Ankara fabric.

Best materials to use when sewing with Ankara fabric

Before I begin to show you how easy it is to sew with Ankara fabric, let’s first explore some of the most essential tools and materials that you would need to work with Ankara fabric.

Janome sewing machine

For beginners, it’s wise to avoid sewing machines with lots of buttons and confusing functions. I think that the Janome sewing machine is the perfect machine for those who are just learning to sew.

This is a great machine that can be used for different techniques, patterns, embellishments, and stitches. It is lightweight and has an automatic needle threader. The machine runs on an easy bobbin winding system, which will make your sewing experience a lot easier. If you are looking for the best sewing machine under $350, this is a great choice.

Fabric scissors

I cannot stress enough how important a good quality pair of fabric scissors is to your sewing experience. When sewing with Ankara fabric, it is essential you have a pair of scissors that are just right for this fabric. A high-quality pair will provide you with a clean and smooth cut, which is essential for precise cuts.

A good pair of scissors will make all the difference when you try to cut out a vernacular or print correctly. A wrong cut will not only ruin the vernacular or print but may also negatively affect the way your garment fits.

Rotary cutter

Here comes another must-have tool for your sewing experience, which is the rotary cutter. This is another tool that is considered a must-have for your Ankara fabric experience.

A rotary cutter comes with a blade that has a rotating wheel, which makes it very easy to cut through the fabric with ease. As opposed to ordinary scissors, the rotary blade will not stretch the fabric when you cut it. The rotary blade will cut through the fabric in a clean straight line, making it easy to cut out vernaculars and prints.

Sewing needles

I would also recommend that you have a good quality pair of sewing needles in your sewing kit. A good sewing needle will make it easy for you to sew with Ankara fabric and will help significantly help you to achieve the results you want.

I would suggest that you get a pack of 80 needles for your sewing kit. This will be more than enough for a beginner. Sewing needles are also essential for completing all the sewing techniques you will be using, such as quilting, embroidery, and applique.


Just as you would need a good machine, a good pair of fabric scissors, a rotary cutter, and a pair of high-quality sewing needles, you will also need a good quality thread for your sewing experience.

Thread is the one thing that can make or break your sewing experience. Thread is also very important to your sewing techniques as it will determine how effective your sewing techniques will be.

In my opinion, the thread is one of the most important parts of your sewing kit. A cheap thread will break easily and will not hold up well. A high-quality thread will not only make your sewing experience enjoyable but will also facilitate your sewing.

Depending on the sewing technique and stitch you want to use, the right kind of thread will always make a difference. For example, for piecing, it’s important you use a better quality thread with a higher thread count and a smoother finish.

Piecing and quilting rulers

If you are planning to have a sewing kit that will last you for a long time, I would recommend that you have a good pair of quilting and piercing rulers.

Personally, I love having a good pair of quilting rulers and piecing rulers in my sewing kit. This is because they help me to achieve straight lines, sharp and precise corners, and accurate measurements.

I would recommend that you get one ruler for all your piecing and quilting needs. This will be easier to work with compared to having different rulers for different purposes.

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