How to Plan Your Wardrobe for Hassle-Free Mornings

In no way are we suggesting that you need to be told what to wear for work or school. That said everyone could use some tips on how to nail their wardrobe every single day with as little effort as possible. Can that be done, though? Yes, with proper planning, you won’t have to stress about your daily wardrobe ever again. 

If you feel like every morning is chaotic because you can’t figure out what to wear, read on as your trusted store for traditional African clothing in the UK, shares some tips on how you can plan your wardrobe: 

Create a Routine and Stick to It

If you’re like most people, you get up in the morning and decide what to wear for the day at the last minute. If you’re always trying to figure out what to wear for the day, you’re not going to look your best. To look your best every day, you need to have a plan.

Try creating a routine for your morning. You can dress quickly in the morning as long as you stick to your routine. You can also ask someone to help you figure out what to wear every morning to save time. If you can’t or don’t have time to create a routine, try planning your wardrobe on Sunday afternoons to save you time during the week.

Clear a Day to Try Combinations of Outfits 

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear for the day, it might be time to try out combinations for different outfits. You can choose any day to do this, but you can have a clever way to do so. 

Imagine the days of the week as a color palette. You can go with the traditional black, white, and gray, or you can add some color to the mix. The purple day, pink day, and red day, for example. The next day, you can go with the beige, cream, and yellow day. And so on. 

Take a Photo of Every Outfit You Like

If you don’t have time to try on different combinations during the week, consider taking a photo of every outfit you like. You can later go through the photos and choose your favorite combinations. The next time you need to choose an outfit for the day, you can refer to these photos.

Categorize Your Outfits According to Function or Season

Some people may group their clothes according to the seasons. Others may group their clothes according to functions or activities, such as work, school, grocery shopping, meeting friends for coffee, and so on. 

Once you know how you want your wardrobe to be categorized, it's easy to choose what to wear for the day. You simply have to pick from the closet, or stack of clothes, you want to wear.

Planning Right Pays Off

Having a wardrobe plan will save you time. You won’t have to rush to choose an outfit in the morning which will leave you feeling frazzled. If you don’t have time to try new combinations of outfits, you can make a plan for your wardrobe on Sunday afternoons. Don’t forget to take photos of the outfits that you like so you’ll have a reference in the future and to categorize your outfits so you won’t have to go through your entire closet every single day.

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