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5 Things to Recognise When You Love Wearing Hoodies

When it comes to clothing, the humble hoodie should always come out top, followed closely by leggings and sweat pants. The hoodie is cosy, cross-functional, shields you from adverse weather conditions, and above all, it is your favourite item of clothing.

The question is, what can you do if you just want to wear hoodies? Here are five things you'll recognise when you love wearing hoodies.

1. Beyond Cosy

When you pull a hoodie over your head and let it engulf your upper body, you feel like you've just slowly sunk into a warm bath with candles and a load of chocolate. Most people get to the point where they start feeling physically uncomfortable if they are not wearing a hoodie. It's a sensation beyond comparison.

So if you're the sort of person that finds the number of hoodies in their wardrobe creeping into double digits, you will know this feeling of cosiness.

2. Sleeping in Hoodies

If at any time you've fallen asleep in a hoodie and woken up in the morning still wearing it, you would know what we mean when we say that sleeping in it is the best experience. The hoodie you wear is just as soft as the blanket. It feels like you're being wrapped in a big fluffy cloud, that is exact.

The exact temperature of the womb, and you can even get a swaddling effect on yourself. So you can understand why it's impossible to get out of a hoodie when you're yawning and thinking of bed.

3. Hoodies Are Cross-Functional

Hoodies have a lot of uses. You wear them all the time, so they're able to keep you warm without being hot and can shield you from the wind and rain without being thick and heavy. 

On the other hand, when it's sunny, you can wear a hoodie without feeling too hot. They're the perfect item for keeping the chill off in most weather conditions, and the best thing is that you don't even have to pick and choose what kind of hoodie to wear.

4. You Can't Go Without It

If you're the sort of person who can't go 5 minutes without a hoodie, you know that sometimes you feel like you just can't leave the house without one. This feeling is powerful before bedtime and leaving the house in the morning. 

When you have a bunch of hoodies, you can't help but pick which one you're going to wear for the day, but sometimes it just doesn't feel like you've decided until you've had it on for 10 minutes. So if you do get that feeling, you might be a hoodie addict.

5. It's Your Favourite

Hoodies do mean the world to some people. They're the absolute favourite thing in your wardrobe, and you wear them all the time without fail. 

Hoodies are also the sort of clothing you don't want to get dirty. You wash it so much that it fades and looks worn out, but as soon as you get it back from the dry cleaner, it feels like a brand new hoodie.

Hoodies are a Beautiful Thing

Hoodies are the sort of item you just can't get enough of. If you identify with most of the things mentioned above, you are a hoodie addict, and there is no hope for you. Although there is no recognised treatment for hoodie addiction, it is understood that it is a lifestyle choice that adds flair and fashion to your outfit.

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