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7 Different Ways to Style and Wear Your Graphic T-Shirt

A t-shirt is a classic piece of fashion that you'll find in every person's wardrobe. It's a simple yet versatile clothing, and the addition of graphics to these shirts is icing on the cake. 

It's a simple way of adding personality to your look by indicating something that resonates with you. Unfortunately, graphic tees could get old quickly, as wearing one too often will make it easily identifiable by people you constantly see. 

Thankfully, there are different ways to spice up your look with your favourite graphic tee.

Different Ways to Style and Wear Your Graphic T-Shirt

As we said, t-shirts are versatile. Adding a graphic doesn't change that at all! You can wear and style graphic tees in many ways. Surprise your friends (and yourself!) with these different looks you can pull off with your favourite shirt.

1. Wear It Tucked In

Who would've thought our parents were right? You'll be surprised at the different looks you can achieve with only your graphic tee and a nice pair of jeans. Tuck it in for a different look without changing what you're wearing.

2. Wear It with a Blazer

Wearing a shirt with your blazer is a very chic look that you can pull off so long as you have the right pieces. Depending on what you pair it with, you can put on the blazer up or down. Pairing it with a graphic tee is a great way to dress it down and make it an everyday look.

3. Wear It with Leather

Leather with a graphic tee is a modern outfit. Whether it's a leather jacket or skirt, you can add a little edginess to your attire! Just maybe ditch the leather pants for now.

4. Wear It with a Crop

Don't pull out your scissors just yet. What we have in mind is a little less permanent. Tie your graphic tee up in a knot behind you and show little skin! Finish up this look with a nice pair of jeans and boots, and voila, a daring look from a friendly tee!

5. Wear It with Cutoff Shorts

Cutoffs with a graphic tee and sneakers is another great combination. Besides, it’s a super comfy look if you're on the go. This is an outfit you'll probably break out more times than you'd like to admit.

6. Wear It Inside Overalls

Wearing your t-shirt inside overalls is a fun and playful look that’s great for a day out with friends or an afternoon walk in the park. Change up your look by wearing one strap, both straps, or neither if you're feeling spicy.

7. Wear It with a Kimono

A kimono is the perfect summer throw! It adds a little bit of femininity to an otherwise casual outfit. Just pair it with a graphic tee and sandals for a simple look. Play around with the kimono's length; wearing it half to full is appropriate!

You can't go wrong with graphic tees. They're a great way to bring more personality to your look, and with our suggestions, you can wear them a lot of times without getting bored. The best part? You don't have to break the bank to have them. Graphic tees are available everywhere! Explore, find one that screams "you," and show off your personality!

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