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Abuo - Summer Collection - African Clothing UK

Our Abuo collection is unique in its own right, it currently includes a t-shirt, crop top, a pair of shorts and a skirt all featuring our unique african print / ankara material. 

The word Abuo is from the Igbo language of Nigeria meaning ‘two’, ‘coupled’ or ‘pair’. We loved this as a collection name because it contains matching sets of co-ord african print clothing. We also appreciated the metaphoric sense of togetherness and a sense of belonging, connection and community which is typical in African culture. 

A key choice we made in creating this collection was using the same ankara print so that the two different African print coords can be swapped interchangeably and remain cohesive. 

African print summer co-ord set

So why buy our African print coords? They’re a beautifully neutral, yet warm set of summer clothing that will seamlessly integrate with your existing wardrobe.

The chocolate brown set is so simple and comfortable to wear! The soft cotton material paired with ankara gives an eclectic feel to an otherwise minimalist African print shorts co-ord. In addition, the ankara material features a pastel green and white print that pays homage to typical pastel colour tones that are dominant in summer.

The ivory coord with the African print stripes give a brightness to the collection and can add the same vibrancy to your wardrobe. When we think of the colour ivory, we think of the word  ‘classic’... so of course, we HAD to make a classic coord set with African print material featuring in the trims and seams of this set. 

Whilst rocking either set, you’re sure to be wearing high quality clothing, whilst remaining stylish and cool in the hot weather. As always, you can layer these african print tops and bottoms with other items of clothing to suit all seasons.