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African Print T-Shirts

5 Ways to Style African Print T-Shirts

By Martin Anyasodo 

Looking for ways to elevate your African print T-shirt game? Look no further!

African print T-shirts are the foundation that hold the best of outfits together. An African print t-shirt allows you to take your outfit to the next level.

If you are wearing any of our African print t-shirts you’re basically a fashion pioneer. What makes me say that? African print clothing is typically worn at “big” occasions like weddings and graduations. But together, we’re making African print clothing an everyday thing!

Read on to discover 5 ways to elevate your African T-shirt game.

1. African print T-shirt & Shorts Coord

There isn’t an outfit much easier to assemble than co-ords. Why search through your whole wardrobe when you KNOW you already have 2 pieces that work well together?! 

We’ve got your back at Nkiti! All of our collections feature prints that you can mix & match to put together a simple yet stylish co-ord outfit.

The Curved Hem T-shirt and the Shorts come in a delightful chocolate brown that is just begging to be paired together. The ankara fabric pops and complements the chocolate brown for a simple and cohesive look. This is a look that will work for all genders, so don’t hesitate to pick up both of these items!
African Print Clothing T-shirt Shorts Coord Female


African print clothing t-shirt short in brown coord male 

2. African Print T-shirt & Jeans

A tried and tested outfit that will be with us till the end of time is the African T-shirt and jeans combo. Throw on a fanny pack to accessorise and switch things up a bit, and you’re all set. 
African print t-shirt with black jeans and nike fanny pack African Print Denim T-shirt with fanny pack

3. African Print T-shirt & High-waisted Skirt

Pair the Oversized African Print T-shirt or our Kente T-shirt with a high waist skirt for a cute summer look. Grab your sunglasses and you’re off!

Kente African Print T-shirt with green skirt and white sneakers Tied up African print oversized shirt and skirt outfit

4. A mixed print moment

Fortune has always favoured the bold. You might be thinking, 2 prints in one outfit is a bit much for me. But, hear us out first. A subtle print, like these dark grey checkered trousers contrasts beautifully with our Kente print t-shirt. An outfit that is sure to start conversations, for better or worse. Tuck in if you're feeling preppy, throw on a belt and maybe accessorise with some jewellery and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

Kente african print t-shirt with grey checkered trousers and vans

5. Oversized African Print T-shirt

My goodness! The flexibility and choice you have with this ONE t-shirt from the Ochi collection is unreal.

As always, you can pair this Ochi Oversized T-shirt with the Ochi Skinny Joggers for a cohesive matching print moment. Finish the outfit with a watch, some rings and your whitest trainers and you're good to go!

African print oversized t-shirt with accessories style guide African print oversized t-shirt and joggers with white trainers


Did somebody say summer picnic? Keep it light and simple with the Ochi oversized t-shirt and a plain skirt. The perfect outfit for a day out in the park or your back garden. Nothing left to do but soak up those sun rays! Don't forget your sunscreen!

African print oversized t-shirt with skirt pairing for summer picnic look

Did I mention that this could also be worn as a dress? Order a size up and turn your oversized t-shirt into a cute dress. Whip out your favourite thigh high boots and strut your stuff!

African print t-shirt dress and thigh high boots

Hope you loved these 5 ways to style African print t-shirts. If there's anything we missed, feel free to drop us a comment! Tag @nkitidesigns if you try out any of these styles!

If you enjoy reading these style guides, check out our post on our African Print Jackets


Thanks for posting this article. Its Very Unique!!


Love these blogs! Super useful tips on how to elevate your look indeed :)

Tara Rane Mandemaker

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