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african print couple in shirt and crop top

Top African Fashion Trends of 2021 to Inspire Your Wardrobe

African fashion has some of the best trends that inspire enthusiasts across the globe. As a large continent with more than 54 countries, it isn’t surprising to see diverse African cultures come up with the most fabulous and unique trends in the fashion industry.

African women are known trendsetters because of their ability to mix interesting pieces and wear clothing that seamlessly flatter their figures. Their fashion sense has long been making bold yet beautiful statements for consumers globally. 

We are here to discuss top African fashion trends of the year that you should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe. 

Oversized Pieces

This fashion trend pays homage to the signature Black hip-hop era and offers maximum comfort to those who wear it. This lack of proper sizing originated from the fact that most families hand down their clothes to younger members to save money. In addition, the first Black hip-hop artists wore casual street clothes during performances to try to resonate with the socioeconomic standing of their fans. Whether it’s jackets, skirts, or boyfriend jeans, oversized fashion pieces are now worn by the biggest stars and respected for their cultural origin.

African Print Oversized Fit Jumper

Off-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

This type of clothing is a great way to show some skin without being too revealing. Off-shoulder tops and dresses are also a chic choice for women who want to add a bit of elegance to their casual and everyday wear. Because of the exposed skin, these pieces effortlessly accentuate the neck area and add versatility to any type of outfit. 

Puffy Sleeves

Huge sleeves are a sure way to make a bold statement out of something simple and casual. Women have long been in love with this trend that combines native African designs with 80’s clothing inspirations. 

Make sure to pair your puffy sleeved item with tight-fitting pieces, so the sleeves are fabulously emphasised. Note that too many bold or eye-catching items in the rest of your outfit can make the aesthetic quite overbearing.

Side Slits

Whether you are wearing a skirt or dress, side slits add an exciting playfulness to your outfit. Side slit pieces help elongate your profile and make you appear taller. For the right amount of skin, choose an item with a cut that is not too high nor too low for your height. 


Originating from Japan and adopted by the Africans, kimonos are the perfect fashion piece for a hot and humid climate. They are flowy and highly comfortable and offer a wide range of beautiful prints from culturally rich African regions. Some of the most popular prints are abstract, animal, and floral. 

Kimonos are incredibly versatile and can be worn for casual and formal occasions. You can find ones in the market made from different materials, such as cotton, satin, and silk.

The uniqueness of African culture and fashion has made the trends above find a place in the hearts of aficionados in various parts of the world. Wearing pieces that show off a living and evolving culture may be the confidence boost you need, and luckily, there are a lot of shops that offer a beautiful selection of African clothing you can soon add to your wardrobe. 

If you are looking for trendy African clothing for women, check out our collection at Nkiti African Clothing. We are a UK-based designer that aims to create modern, high-quality clothing that pays homage to our rich African ancestry. We ship internationally, so shop with us today!

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