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5 Good Reasons to Love African Clothing

Are you interested in African fashion? Well, we can’t blame you! African designs are simply gorgeous with vibrant colours and unique prints. They’re something any fashionable person would love to add to their wardrobe. 

Whether you are considering incorporating African prints subtly into your styling or you want some statement-making pieces, you’d want to know these great reasons to love African fashion: 

It’s a Spot-On Reflection of the African Culture

Even before bold articles of clothing found their way on the runway, African culture already had its fashion game on. African fashion is the product of centuries of rich traditions. 

For example, the Yoruba people’s beadwork tradition can be traced back to the sixth century. Even its creation and wearing are considered sacred, too. There are even tribes from the East that use marine shells for their wampum beads, and they function not only as jewelry or accessories but as currency, too. 

In a smart move, the Maasai of Kenya trademarked the bead artistry so their cultural identity could be protected from some fashion houses that use their designs in their collection without permission. 

African Fashion Is Innovative

There’s a reason African designers are getting so much attention these days. Most African designers prioritise functionality and form over trends, making their designs more meaningful and innovative. 

If you are a woman working in a creative environment, it’s a great idea to add some African-inspired prints and key pieces into your everyday look. Just make sure that you choose clothing with decent hemlines and necklines to maintain a professional look. 

It’s Fun and Colourful

One of the things people love about African fashion is their choice of bold and vibrant colours. They’ve also mastered the art of color-blocking. Of course, if you’re someone who has grown accustomed to wearing neutrals, you might not be comfortable wearing an entire outfit with bright hues and prints. That said, you can still incorporate some jewel tones or even your favorite colour to brighten up your neutrals. You can slowly get used to the colour before trying out an entire outfit with colour. 

It Allows You to Be More Experimental with Your Prints and Patterns

Another thing that makes African fashion one of a kind is their love for mixing and matching prints and not just your usual patterns but ones that are unique to their culture. Some of the prints are even representations of old tales and proverbs. 

If you have never been bold with prints and patterns, now is the time to do so. To make sure you nail it, choose a dominant pattern that will serve as the focus of the look and a complimentary smaller print that will look great with the other. You might want to consider mixing two different patterns on the same colour of clothing or the same print on different colours. 

African Fashion is Stylish and Practical

You often hear fashionistas say that wearing uncomfortable and impractical clothes is just the price you pay for being trendy. You won’t have to worry about that when you choose to wear African clothing known for its practicality and function and incredible style. 

With all the things you’ll love about African clothing, there’s no reason for you not to try their fashion. With their colours, the prints, the practical style, you’ll find that there’s nothing to hate and everything to love with African fashion!

Ready to try this unique and bold style? Nkiti is your trusted source for African clothing in the UK, carrying an array of styles and colours fit for any occasion . Check out our entire collection today!

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