5 Ways to Gift African Print Clothing

by Amarachi Chukwu

Can you believe we are in the last month of the year?! 

December has always been a period marked by connecting with loved ones, reminiscing on the past year while looking forward to the new one on the horizon; as well as social gatherings from work parties to family dinners.

We know presents can never replace presence, BUT, we have some gift ideas for everyone you love... you can always watch them unwrap these gifts virtually.

Our Gift Guide is shared with love to all planning for a pandemic Christmas!

1. For your Girlfriend

The jumper/hoodies she borrowed will never be returned so you may as well add to her collection!

African print oversize jumper Christmas gift

Oversize Jumper in Crimson Red

2. For your Boyfriend

Even though you love him in a casual look you know he could serve a LOOK every once in a while, so why not give him a statement piece?

3. For your Siblings

They’re the number one threat to your wardrobe but maybe you can stop the theft (for a day) with a little gift for their own wardrobe.

Kente T shirt Christmas with siblings

nkiti siblings on park bench

Denim Shirt & Bodycon Dress

4. For Mum

Remind her that despite their name, joggers are perfect for relaxing and she can do that for once!

Mum African print joggers set

Jumpers & Jogger

5. For Dad

Does anyone else feel like their Dad owns more dress shirts than anything else? Remind your dad he can lounge around the house in a comfy t-shirt.

Dad African Kente print t-shirt

T-shirt with side panel Kente

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I am very impressed with your creation and will make time to place an order. I have to share this talent with friends and family. Thank you

Chinwe Ufondu December 19, 2020

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