5 Ways to Style African Print [Autumn Edition]

by Ezinne & Amarachi

African print may only seem suitable for warm weather but we are going to share a few of our favourite ways to make Nkiti items fall-ready!

The keyword for styling in the fall or winter is always LAYERS

Over, underneath, triple layers, whatever you prefer, we have some ideas for you!

1. Leather and Denim

Perfect light layers for moderate weather AND fit great under an overcoat when it gets REALLY cold - Layers on Layers! You really can’t go wrong with a good oversized denim or a leather jacket, they’re great for that transition period between Summer and Fall. Paired with any Nkiti staple, you’re sure to make a good impression.

kente print denim layered look
Model wearing our Kente Print Pocket T-Shirt
african kente print layered leather 
Model wearing our Kente Print Hem T-Shirt

2. Layers in cosy fabrics

So you look as warm as you feel!
african print crop top fall lookafrican print crop top layered look
Model wearing our Crop Top

3. Long sleeves underneath

Our go-to when we just can’t bear to cover our favourites. Not only do you get an added layer underneath for extra warmth, you can also alternate between light or dark coloured staples like long sleeves or hoodies to create variation on any particular day! You’ll definitely still look great whilst showing off these vibrant prints.

denim african print fall lookdenim african print autumn look 
Model wearing our Denim Shirt

4. Mixed prints

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! A little bit of mixed print can make a bold statement about you. A few words that come to my mind when I see people successfully pull off mixed prints: interesting, creative, vibrant, perhaps a little daring… all positives in my books. Get ready to turn heads by mixing some of our ankara print staples with your own prints, we know you’ll look great!
kente african print t-shirt autumn lookkente african print t-shirt with mixed print
Model wearing our Kente Print Pocket T-Shirt

5. Year-round Dresses

No need to put these away when summer ends - knits and jackets are simple ways to wear dresses in every weather! With this particular dress, you get the added benefit of showing off the asymmetrical bottom half, while still looking fashionable and weather appropriate on top. In addition, you can use cropped knitwear jackets or jumpers to add texture and dimension to your look. Depending on which outwear you pair this dress with, you can make your look more casual when paired with your favourite knitwear or less casual when paired with a blazer or collared jacket. Don’t worry, we got you this fall!
african print bodycon dress with layered jumperafrican print dress autumn look
Model wearing our African Print Dress

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