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African fashion

Fashion Fails to Avoid When Exploring African Attires

Colourful, bold, and known for its love for dynamic textiles, African fashion dominates the glamorous world of runways and sets global trends with its iconic print designs. With that in mind, it's not a surprise to see African fashion turning heads across the world, with the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles as one of many examples of other countries' ode to traditional African attires. 

Seamless Patterns and Unique Needlework in African Design 

Capturing the vibrancy and diversity of Africa in beautiful textiles and prints, African fashion is inspired by the incredible natural landscapes, traditional cultures and artistic heritage. Each of the different countries has a unique variety of textiles, yet there are strong traditional and historical links between them. 

Mostly consisting of portraits of daily life, religious figures, animals, and other icons, these textiles are truly hidden gems of African culture. The weaving of tribal African textiles is characterised by delicate patterns and colours that take months to create. The floral patterns in many of the pieces are created using painstakingly detailed hand-sewing techniques.

Wearing African Fashion: How to Get it Right

Unfortunately, not all people know how to sport African attire in a way that holds to the country's roots. To begin with, it is extremely important to find African clothing that is both authentic and made by African designers. Originating from Africa, these clothes are not sold in every store or online marketplace but rather should be found in places with a large African presence.

Another thing to keep in mind is that African fashion is extremely bold, bright, and attention-grabbing. While they may be intended to be worn on special occasions, they should not be worn without the right confidence.

African Fashion Mistakes to Avoid 

1. Wearing the Wrong Colours

As with most African fashion, the colours are usually symbolic of something within the culture. For example, amongst the beautiful designs and colours in African attire, there is a sense of symbolism and a reason why the native Africans choose to use those colours. For instance, the colours red, yellow, and green are the colours of the African National Congress. They are most commonly worn by South Africans.

2. Wearing Shoes that Look Out of Place

While it is always a good idea to wear closed shoes, it's even more important to showcase beautiful African attire. Shoes that match or complement the attire worn are necessary to complete the traditional look.

3. Failing to Match the Outfit with the Right Hairstyle

Just as the colours in African fashion are symbolic and important, so too is the hair. Long, braided hair is a common hairstyle and a great way to showcase beautiful African attire for men. For women and children, the hair is often twisted up in a style that complements the outfit and showcases the beauty of the headscarf.

The Bottom Line: The Eye-Catching Beauty of African Fashion

With the help of the internet and the research of African fashion websites, the world is starting to take a closer look at the appeal of these rare and dynamic textiles. With that, it is only a matter of time before these striking works of art show the world their true beauty.

Are You Looking for an African Clothing Designer in the UK?

If you have plans to wear African fashion in the near future, it's important to remember the colour meaning, hairstyles, and styles part of the native continent. African fashion is beautiful and eye-catching, so much so that it's really important to show it off in just the right way to ensure that it is given the attention and admiration that it deserves.|

If you're looking for African apparel in the UK, talk to us. We are a team of tailors, designers and manufacturers that work with African clothing on a daily basis. We can help you find the best fabrics and styles for your African clothing.

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