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Gift Ideas for Do-It-Yourself African Print Fabric

You can’t beat a gift that has been personalised and handmade from quality, unique fabric. We’ve got a wide selection to choose from in all kinds of styles so that you can find something for everyone!

So put the kettle on and pick a gift for someone special. Our handmade gifts are suitable for both children and adults, and many of them are easy to personalise. We have all sorts of sewing projects and sewing patterns, hooded towels, baby booties, pot holders, gift bags, blankets, and more!

Here are a few of our top picks for handmade gifts:

1. Moses Basket Liners

The folks at Scooter Lane have a great selection of handmade African print gift fabric for Moses baskets. They’ve got a great range, in different styles and fun colours so that you can find something for a little boy or little girl.

These bed coverings look fab when made from handmade African print fabric. The designs are bright and cheerful and make the perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Moses basket liners are perfect gifts for babies and toddlers. They’ll give protection and comfort and bring a touch of style to the nursery.

2. Handkerchiefs

Handmade African print fabric is great for gifts, including a classic hankie. It’s also easy to personalise your handkerchiefs with a bit of embroidery on the corner.

3. Hooded Towels and Baby Blankets

One of our most popular gifts is the African print hooded towel, a great gift for a new baby. These gifts are a really stylish way to surprise the new parents. They’re wonderfully soft and comfortable and look great in the nursery or bathroom.

Baby blankets are also a great gift idea. They come in a range of sizes and styles and can be personalised too, so you can make them exactly what the new parents would want.


This is a great gift for the bookworm in your life. Bookmarks are a lovely way to mark your page, making great keepsakes and presents. Handmade African print fabric is perfect for stitching your own bookmarks. You can make a whole collection of bookmarks or choose a couple of designs to turn into a personalised gift.

5. Head Wraps

You can also turn a handmade African print fabric head wrap into an excellent gift for any remarkable woman in your life. These wraps are a stylish and sustainable way to keep your hair off your face, and the patterns are fun and funky.

They’re also effortless to make, so if you’re not a confident sewer, they’re a great project to keep you busy while you learn. They’re an excellent gift for new mums, a nursing cover, or keeping your hair back and out of your face while working in the garden or crafting.

6. Scarves

Handmade African print fabric scarves are a thoughtful gift because they are useful. You can choose a pattern and make a couple of scarves to brighten up the wardrobe of someone who’s feeling a bit dreary. They’re also a lovely way to gift someone with a bad hair day.

Why Handmade African Fabric Gifts

Give the gift of handmade African print fabric in your next homemade gift. You can choose from a range of patterns and styles, so there’s a gift to suit everyone. These handmade gifts look great, and they’re also beneficial. They’re easy to personalise and really affordable, so give the gift of handmade African fabric today.

Nkiti African Clothing is a UK based clothing designer specialising in designing casual African wear. Our vision is to create modern, high-quality clothing that pays homage to our rich African ancestry. So, if you’re looking to buy Kente cloth in the UK, we’ve got you covered! Browse our collection now!

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