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How to Turn a Dress Ready for a Night Out in Town

As anyone who has owned a dress or two knows, you have to wear them with the right accessories if you want to look different from one day to the next. You can easily change the whole look when your workday is over by simply changing your accessories. However, there are some great tips on how to take any dress from day to night that will help make you stand out.

Consider a Quick Dress Alteration

Even if you are not a fashionista, you can dress up to look like a top-notch dress for the night with a few alterations. The thing is, you don’t have to be a great seamstress to be able to do this. If you have a simple sewing machine and some patience, you can easily do this yourself. You can add a few buttons here and there to give your work dress a more elegant look.

Add some elegant earrings and a nice necklace to your work dress, and you will certainly look different. You can even add a belt to give your dress a bit more shape and style. Take a look at the dress you are wearing and think about what you can add to it to make it look better for a night out. If you are looking for something that is more dramatic, a little makeup and some heels are the way to go.

Choose Summer Fabrics

Linen and lace are great fabrics to wear during warmer months when you need something light and breezy. In addition, they are also easy to wear and comfortable. You can easily wear these summer fabrics as dresses for work or dress them down for a night out. If you want to choose a casual and elegant fabric, you can always opt for silk or voile.

Switch Your Tote to a Mini Bag

You may have a great tote that you use to carry your stuff. Whether it is a great designer purse or a functional tote, you don’t have to be stuck with it. Switch it out for a cute miniature handbag that is just as functional. You can use it the same way you would use your tote. Choose one big enough to accommodate everything you need to keep it with you. It is good to have a big enough bag to hold your phone, wallet, lipstick, keys and even a small mirror.

Trade Flats for Heels

There are a number of flats that you can wear for work. However, these usually aren’t the shoes you would want to wear for a night out. If you want to change the look of an outfit, then you can opt for heels. Heels may not be the most comfortable shoes, but you will be surprised at the difference they make in your look.

You don’t have to throw away a dress that works great for work only. With a few simple alterations, you can make it look great for a night out.

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