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The Ultimate Style Guide to Rocking African Print Skirts

There's no doubt that fashion truly is a form of expression. But when it comes to playing with prints and mixing and matching key pieces like African skirts, things can get pretty tricky.

African wax print skirts have some of the most unique and impressive African designs and colours in the fashion industry. Not only are they truly eye-catching and head-turning, but there's also a deep-rooted history in every design, giving you more push to plan your outfit properly to honour its design.

So if you own a piece of African print clothing and you're wondering how you can dress it up and make it work for you, read on. In this article, we'll spotlight African skirts and give you some fashion expert-approved tips to help you style them correctly.

Tip #1: Rock a Simple Top

As you know, African skirts are highly eye-catching and vibrant. So, a simple top is the best way to balance your outfit, as it will help draw attention to the design of your skirt. With that, you should opt for simple, solid colour tops and even form-fitting blouses to ensure that your silhouette subtly shines amid the vibrant prints.

Tip #2: High-Waisted Look

Another way to style your African print skirt is by wearing it high up to the waist. When you do this, you emphasise your curves and let the skirt fall in the right places. Again, wearing a simple top or vest can help polish the whole look and ensure that you still flaunt your body shape.

Also, don't forget to play around with your shoes too as it completes your overall look. To that end, going for a simple nude heel can give you that elegant touch your ensemble needs. 

Tip #3: Wear Thoughtful Accessories

Even if your African skirt can be a little loud, having the right accessories can actually bring balance to your overall look. If you're feeling a little funky, wearing oversized or statement earrings can give you a chic, retro vibe. And if you're going out for brunch, the perfect clutch with the right colour will help elevate your outfit.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Shoes for the Outfit and Occasion

Accessories are not your only secret weapon to elevate your look! Shoes can also do a lot for you when styling your African print skirt. If you want to nail the look, choose the ones with neutral colours like nude and beige to pair with your skin tone.

The Bottom Line: Don't Be Afraid to Style Your African Skirt

African skirts are a fun way to express yourself through the art of fashion. It's all about the creativity of how you style it and the accessories you decide to pair with it.

As we've seen, there's a way to style your African print skirt and make it work for you. Wearing matching colours and sticking to a solid colour top with your skirt will help and things like shoes and accessories. Trust us—by following these tips, you'll look like you came out straight from the runway!

How Can We Help You?

If you're looking for African apparel in the UK, Nkiti African Clothing is here to help. We are a team of tailors, designers and manufacturers that work with African clothing daily. We can help you find the best fabrics and styles for your African clothing.

From hoodies to tops, down to printed skirts—we've got you covered!

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