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women wearing african fashion

6 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love with African Fashion

Many people don’t understand the appeal of African fashion. However, when you have a chance to experience it, you will be hooked and unable to resist.

African fashion is so much more than colourful, flowing, hand-crafted fabric. It is a celebration of African heritage, a new way of life and a way to embrace your African identity. Here are the top six reasons why you’ll fall in love with African fashion.

1. The Draping Is Sexy 

The draping is the best part of African fashion. It’s sexy and elegant. The styles are designed to highlight and frame the woman’s body in the most flattering ways. In some ways, it is designed to be conservative, but there are no rules to the African fashion game.

Of course, there is a time and place for this type of fashion, and you will see both conservative and revealing styles out on the street. It’s about what works for you and how you want to wear it.

2. The African Fashion Is about Heritage

African fashion is full of style and flair, and it’s not necessarily about remaining true to African traditions. However, it is still full of African heritage. A lot of the older traditional styles can still be seen in the more contemporary styles.

For example, a traditional wrap dress shares a lot of similarities with many other traditional African garments, like the kente cloth. You will see African fashion with various accents, such as beads and embroidery that pay homage to African culture.

3. The Colours Are Bold and Beautiful

African fashion is a celebration of colour. It’s a way to embrace the bold hues of African culture. Just as the African landscape is rich with colour and variation, so too is the African fashion. You’ll see many different colours and patterns in every garment. From the intricate to the simple and bold, African fashion is about the details.

4. The Fabrics Are Intricately and Hand Crafted

The fabrics in African fashion are usually made from the traditional and natural materials of the region. You will see kente cloth and other locally made, handcrafted cloth. The fabrics are usually light, soft and flowy, so they drape very nicely and create beautiful silhouettes that are the trademark of African fashion.

5. The Style Is Fun and Playful

African fashion is all about playfulness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it seriously. There is a time and place for a more conservative or elegant style. But there are also those who like to push the creative envelope and show the world that African fashion is about so much more than simple traditional styles. You’ll see some extremely creative styles that will take your breath away.

6. The African Fashion Creates a Sense of Pride

African fashion is not only about bringing the best of African culture to the world, but also about creating a sense of pride and strength in African heritage. It’s about showing the world that Africa is a place for fun, creativity and beauty.

Whether you decide to embrace African fashion or not, one thing is sure: it will give you a sense of pride in where you came from and where you want to go.

Enhance Your Wardrobe with African Prints 

African fashion is a lot more than it looks to the untrained eye. It’s not just about big girls dressing like big girls. It’s about style and sophistication. It’s about freedom and a level of uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. African fashion is a beautiful art. 

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