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woman wearing ankara dress

Ankara Fabric Dresses: How to Wear Them for Weddings

Every person dreams of the perfect wedding. Aside from the elegance, solemnity, and love surrounding them in the ceremony, looking their best with a stunning wedding dress is always a part of the vision.

If you want to pay tribute to your African culture through your wedding garb, you may consider having a wedding dress made from Ankara fabric. You may even have bridesmaid dresses to match and make the wedding party more cohesive.

What are Ankara fabrics and prints, and how can you wear them during your special day? Keep reading to find out.

What Is an Ankara Fabric?

Ankara is a traditional wax-print fabric used in the West African nations of Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso.

The print on Ankara fabrics is created using the wax-resist method, where the material is dipped into the wax solution and then printed with the pattern or motif that would later be dyed. Aside from wedding dresses, other popular pieces of Ankara fashion include dresses, skirts, and tops.

How Can You Wear an Ankara Print Dress for Your Wedding Day?

In Western wedding tradition, brides usually wear white to symbolise purity and virtue. But tradition is not everything, and with the popularity of Ankara fabric, you do not have to wear white to look stunning.

If you want to embody your African heritage or pay tribute to those who inspired you to follow your path, you can wear an Ankara print wedding dress. You can even have your entire wedding party wear matching Ankara dresses.

Here are some simple steps to take:

Step 1: Choose a top that goes well with the Ankara fabric you have in mind. If you have a skirt or dress with an Ankara fabric or print on it, you don’t need to buy another top for the outfit. You can get dressed under your Ankara patterned skirt and top.

Step 2: Choose the colour of the Ankara fabric that you want to match your wedding theme. You may choose a colour or print that matches or contrasts with the invitation, bridesmaid dresses, and other wedding party attire.

Step 3: Choose your accessories. You can wear a bracelet or earrings of the same colour and print as your wedding dress. You may also wear a veil if you prefer a headpiece or hairpin that goes well with your dress.

Step 4: Choose your shoes. You can wear opaque or coloured heels, flats, or even sandals that complement and go with the rest of your attire.

What Ankara Fabric Dress Should You Choose for Your Body Shape?

You may wear Ankara clothing for a wedding or any other formal occasion that requires you to wear a top and skirt, even if you have an hourglass, pear, or inverted triangle body shape.

1. Pear Shape

If you have a pear-shaped body, you should wear Ankara fabric dresses that can give your body a more defined shape. An Ankara dress with a V-neckline or a boat neck dress will help define your bust so you can look great.

2. Hourglass Shape

Ankara fabric dresses are perfect for the hourglass body type. You can opt for styles that will cling to your body to highlight your curves.

3. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you have an inverted triangle shape, you will look best in Ankara dresses with a V-neckline and moderate or high waistline. You can also create a balance in your body shape by wearing Ankara fabric dresses with a low-cut back.

Make Your Wedding Memorable with an Ankara Dress

Ankara fabric may not be commonly used as wedding dress material, but you can make it work for your special day. You will look unique in your Ankara fabric wedding dress than in any other dress.

For Ankara clothing in the UK, Nkiti African Clothing has it all for you. Explore our collection of various clothing made from Ankara fabric—from casual to formal attires. Shop today or contact us for your inquiries.

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