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5 African Fashion Trends That Will Undoubtedly Rule 2022

Fashion is a global phenomenon that has been shaping the world since the beginning of time. It is a creative way to express yourself and your personality, culture and status in society and even your interests.

The distinctive patterns and bold colours of African fashion styles have significantly impacted the global fashion industry. They are best known for their myriad, colourful and mesmerising patterns and prints, which serve as symbols for the diverse and creative culture that lies behind each of their artistic features. 

This style also brightens up high street stores and catwalks, from traditional clothing worn in rural areas to urban streetwear inspired by popular music and art. Like all other types of fashion, African fashion constantly evolves every year and every season while remaining true to its heritage. 

This 2022, African fashion has introduced to the market some astounding trends with patterns and designs that will leave you wanting more. Let's check out some of the incredible trends that will shape this year.

Ankara Print

African wax print, called Ankara print, has been a mainstay of African fashion for decades, with new interpretations of the print being produced every year by top designers on the continent. 

You can use Ankara fabric in an infinite number of ways to create beautiful and unique pieces. It can be used to make dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and even bags. 

You can also choose an Ankara print wedding dress if you want to embody your African heritage on your special day. This versatile material is an excellent choice for summer and spring outfits too!

Head Wraps 

The dhuku, known as a doek in other parts of Africa, is traditional African clothing wrapped on the head of many Africans. The head wrap is more than just a fashion statement: it has a significant symbolic meaning and an important place in African culture. It's not going out of style anytime soon.

Tie and Dye

Since 2020, tie-dye has become the hottest fashion trend. Every designer has been developing new and innovative ways to incorporate this casual, spring- and summer-appropriate African print into their collections. Many designers added tie-dye design into bikini sets, bodysuits, and one-pieces for this season. 

Pyjamas as Outwear 

This year, a unique popular trend is wearing pyjamas in public. But not just any pyjamas. Silky and striped pieces are being accessorized with exquisite details such as heels and dainty accessories. This trend is prevalent among people who work from home.


If you thought wearing a single colour head to toe is boring and no longer fashionable, that's where you are wrong. Your thinking about monochromes will undoubtedly change this year. So don't be scared to wear clothes in mixed and matched colours. One tip you want to follow is to combine similar hues of one colour with confidence.

Africa is a continent of incredible beauty and rich culture, which means that it has an equally captivating fashion scene. From monochrome to bold colours, from daily street wear to your wedding dress, these five African trends will undoubtedly change how we dress in 2022. 

Nkiti African Clothing offers African clothing online. Our goal is to make African clothing accessible to people wanting to experiment and try mixing and matching African prints with their everyday outfits. Browse through our collection and shop African apparel in the UK today. 

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